Marcus Fabrics


simpler samplerFrom its beginning in 1911, the company's attention to detail continues today, as Marcus products can now be found in quilt and fabric shops worldwide.



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Marcus maintains its well-earned reputation in the industry through its creative goals and high standards of quality and service.

In an environment where every theme, pattern, texture and color becomes a creative statement, enthusiasts choose Marcus fabrics as the centerpiece of their crafts, quilts, wearable art, apparel and home decor. Marcus' own studio designs also bring to life the creative concepts of award-winning design leaders like reproduction fabric expert Judie Rothermel, who marked 20 years in the industry in 2007.


In addition to the Retail Division's focus on over-the counter quilting & fabric shops, the company also produces a range of fabrics for the apparel, accessories & home décor markets under the corporate name of Marcus Brothers.



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