Faszination Stoff seit 1948


Silke Karl1

The current company management: Silke Frowein and her father Karl Frowein (2015)

As a family business in its third generation, we dedicate ourselves passionately to fabrics for over 65 years . 

We are one of the leading wholesaler for designer fabrics from the USA and Japan. 

Our friendly and competent sales team will advise you gladly. 

Make an appointment with our sales representatives and choose from a unique range of fabrics. 

You can also always visit our well stocked warehouse or get inspired by browsing through our website. 




Kurt Frowein is a well established sales company for fashion and patchwork fabrics.


The origin of this company dates back to the time after World War II, when Hedwig Frowein, Kurt Frowein’s mother, first founded a small textile wholesale trade in 1948.


Firmenbau klein

Construction of the company building (1962)


In the course of the years, after her son Kurt (born 1914) and his wife Charlotte (born 1919) had taken over, the firm developed into a textile and elastic wholesale, which targeted mainly specialist shops for household and sanitary goods. At first the assortment included elastic items of the most various kinds like rubber seals, hosepipes and suspenders. In the 1960ies bath mats were added. This meant that gradually the range of goods shifted back to its original direction – textile.


Kurt Frowein klein

Kurt Frowein (1960)


When Kurt Frowein died in 1964, his wife continued leading the firm on her own. Some time later her two children Karl (born 1944) and Kathrin (born 1942) joined the company. The son had been trained in everything to do with business and put his knowledge into the firm, Kathrin married a textile trader, Mr. Heinz W. Kurzhals. Due to this connection, fabrics were added to the assortment. Now shops where materials were sold and department stores belonged to their clientèle as well.


From the middle of the 70ies onwards the company has been concentrating only on the selling of any kind of fashion fabrics. Then, at the beginning of the 80ies, handcraft and patchwork fabrics from the USA, increasingly gaining the main proportion of the company’s turnover, became available, too.


Karl Charlotte klein

Karl Frowein and his Mother Charlotte Frowein (1951)


It was Karl Frowein, who became the main sales representative and thus signed responsible for the extraordinary increase of the company’s permanent customers. He married in 1971 and took over the firm in 1985, where he and his wife Angelika both still work today. His mother, too is still a very important consultant and well appreciated for her help.


Silke Andrea klein

Silke and Andrea Frowein (1982)


Andrea (born 1973) and Silke (born 1977), Karl Frowein’s daughters, have both completed a professional training as foreign trade and wholesalers. They have been working for the family concern since the 1990ies and in 2001 the management was handed over to them.


Kurt Frowein wholesaling always supplies its customers with the latest collections in the field of fashion and patchwork fabrics.


Moreover, customer’s service is a big issue for the family business: any special requests will be fulfilled if possible.


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